Fine wine collecting reinvented —

• Tailored to your specific objectives
• 100% traceable provenance
• Easy to manage through our 1275 mobile app


Curated with passion

A 1275 collection begins with a conversation. By understanding your interests, we can design a well-planned and personalised collection for drinking, investment or as a legacy for the next generation.

We source our wines directly from the world’s most iconic estates – not from the secondary market – through the many relationships we have built over the past two decades.


Protected by science

We developed our proprietary Internet of Bottles™ process to provide you with unparalleled transparency about the history and condition of your wines.

After collecting from top chateaux, we apply 1275’s tracking and temperature monitoring technology to every bottle.

We then store your wines in our state-of-the-art Swiss wine vault, so they are fully protected and continue to grow in quality and value over time.

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Explore your collection

With the groundbreaking 1275 app you can explore your entire collection in the palm of your hand. View your wines with tasting notes and critic ratings, keep a check on real-time storage conditions, and watch your collection flourish.


When you eventually take delivery, simply scan the code on your bottles using a mobile phone to view their entire history.

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Why now?

Fine wine is unique in its ability to combine intellectual and sensory pleasure with a long track record of producing consistent and strong returns over time.

As a physical asset, with finite supply, it is being sought after by a growing pool of wine lovers and investors seeking to diversify and hedge against future inflation. 
In parallel, rapidly warming climates mean that the individual personalities of many great wines are already changing and may be transformed entirely in years to come. This increases the urgency to capture and preserve today’s wines, so they can continue to be enjoyed long into the future while becoming increasingly rare and valuable collectibles.

About us

1275 was created by Denis Houles, who has over 20 years’ experience as a successful fine wine entrepreneur.  Denis founded Claret Club, hosting hundreds of prestigious fine wine events in London, Paris and Geneva, as well as building drinking and investment collections for clients.

This experience gave Denis a first-hand appreciation for the enjoyment that perfectly preserved bottles can bring. It also brought into stark contrast the difference between pristine bottles sourced directly from chateaux and those in the secondary market, which often lacked energy or had been damaged by exposure to imperfect conditions.

In 2019, Denis completed a successful fundraising and began collaborating with a multidisciplinary team to develop a solution to this problem, and make fine wine collecting more enjoyable in the process. The result is 1275 SA – a technology-driven, end-to-end solution for fine wine collectors. 

Our 1275 team is driven by a deep conviction: that great wines are unique, yet fragile, works of art that deserve respect. This fuels our relentless attention to detail in building wine collections that bring optimal enjoyment, serve as a robust store of wealth, and fulfil the original vision of their creators.